We are a licensed Minnesota Grown Producer!


Minnesota's preimere producers of


Expressing Grass Based Genetics

Commercial, and Registered British White Beef Cattle

Born and raised cowgirls, raising cattle we love!

Rolling Hills Traeger Ranch is owned and operated by full time cowgirls, this is NOT a hobby, or pastime, and neither are our cattle, they're the type of cow that works efficiently 24-7, all year long!



Take a peek around!

Meet Elmer, and Fudd

One of 4 sets of twins produced in 2008

Want to meet our herd? Please come visit us! There's WAY too many to post photos of them all! And we'd be glad to have you!

Calves like these available!

Find a Penny, Pick it up, then all day you'll have good luck!

Day old hiefer calf 'Penny' hiding in the field across the road.


Minnesota's oldest herd of 100%

Minnesota Bred British Whites

Minnesota's original foundation cow's daughters reside here!

We are carrying on a tradition of fast gaining, easy keeping, extremely gentle cattle!


This steer was raised by my daughter Ashley, and sold to 4 very lucky families who will be enjoying the very well loved beef in the months to come!

Are you in need of awsome beef? See our fresh beef page, as we are now taking orders for beef, and Pork.

Another view of this great steer!


Even in the DARK, British Whites have nothing to hide!

We produce British White cattle with White, Black, and Red hair. In case you like a little color on your cattle.


They are the most feed efficient,

easiest keeping,

great marbling,

exceptional yeilding,

most beautiful,



eye appealing,

beef cattle available today!

Courteney and her 6 month old calf on pasture


It's time to erase the myths about hide color, and quality of beef...

Because every British White cattle producer knows that once you take off the hide,

British White beef is a cut WAY above the rest!

The Demand for quality British Whites has never been stronger,

and we are here to help fill that demand for top quality breeding stock at an affordable price

right here in Minnesota!

As an individual rancher, we offer only top quality seedstock and excellent grass fed feeders from our 160+ breeding female herd.

For a list of some of the cattle we have available today, see our available page, or contact us.


A couple photos of cattle in our herd...

Peacefully grazing after the storm.

2- year old herd sires CC Phry's Pick and Ozarks F1 Regis Progress on resting pasture after the 8 week breeding season ended June 2006. Our herd sires are carefully selected for fertility, calving ease, feed efficiency, docility, and correct ~ sound structure!

Mated with cows like this... the results are easy to see in profits!

At Left: Lorraine,

sired by B&B Bonanza.

One of my many favorite female producing cows!


Lorraine's 2007 calf, Loretta

and a 2007 bull, Big on 2 on a bitterly cold day

2008 full brother to Loretta, Chilli Willi


Visitors and Inquiries always welcome at one of the growing number

of Registered British White Ranches in the USA, right here in MN!








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